RCS Brainois kept 3 points at home against Rapid Symphorinois at Stade Gaston Reiff

📆 3-10-2020.

🏆 Third League A, Amateurs, Belgian League

⚽ RCS Brainois – Rapid Symphorinois 1-0

🏟️ Stade Gaston Reiff, Braine L’Alleud, Brabant Wallon, Belgium

For a long time I was looking forward to come back to this ground, Stade Gaston Reiff, home of RCS Brainois, located in Braine L’Alleud just outside Brussels and very close to the Waterloo memorial/battle ground.

With my youth team I played several games on this ground in the past and everytime I was really impressed to play on this pitch. The very small stand, a the track and field around the pitch, the old-school dressing rooms and a small player’s tunnel made me feel like I was playing a big Champions League game.

RCS Brainois groundhopping non-league 3rd Amateur liga Belgian Stade Gaston Reiff Braine Brabant Wallon Foot Rapid Symphorinois

Unfortunately home team, RCS Branois didn’t play their game on the old ground but played on their second ground on a synthetic turf pitch. Quite disappointing. RCS Brainois scored the 1-0 in the first half and defended succesfully their lead till the end of the game against their opponents Rapid Symphorinois.

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